Our Vision & Mission

Trust & Integrity

We believe that the most important factors that define success in our line of business are trust and integrity.


We leverage on our relationship management skills to deliver, at all times, on our commitments and promises to our clients.


Our product is service, our value-added is financial advice, and our competitive advantage is our people

Customer Satisfaction

We consider our ability to deliver impeccable service and our customer-centric attitude as our surest means to gaining market share.


We believe our focus on building portfolio of people skills will help us succeed regardless of economic conditions or new technology and products

Our Brand

Lessons from The Saguaro

Our Vision

To help our customers succeed financially, aspire to be the best service provider in every one of our markets, and be known as one of Africa’s great companies.

Our Mission

To make our customer proud of us through products developed specifically for their needs, and delivered through excellent service by our valuable and enthused staff, while meeting the aspirations of our stakeholders

Our Core Values

Saguaro Cactus Stands like sentinel, rooted in the desert landscape

The Saguaro cactus is the defining plant of the Sonoran Desert. It stands tall among the low-lying brush, like sentinels in the landscape. It can live up to 200 years and grow to be 40-60 feet tall.

Like the Saguaro, Sonora stands tall among competition; like a sentinel, we stand guard and watch to deliver superior opportunities for our stakeholders.

It points to the moon, Retains water in dry times And spreads its roots wide

The saguaro has learned to adapt and thrive in the dry, desert environment. As it grows larger, it is able to retain large amounts of water when the monsoon rains come to prepare for times of drought. It has roots that spread wide in all directions.

At Sonora, we are adaptable to thrive in any economic condition through our diversified portfolios of investments and people skills

It endures wounds to provide places for birds to nest And wood after death

Woodpeckers and other birds break it exterior with their beaks, leaving deep holes. These wounds quickly scar over and the remaining holes provide perfect nesting places for other birds.

At Sonora, we are built to last for generations to come while committing to protect our customers investment and tailoring our services to meet their needs and beat their expectations