The Fastest Way to Growth

You want to save more money right? You are frustrated because you don’t know where all the money you earn goes or what you do with it.

You want to able to, at least, save a little from your earnings and not have your bills and needs take it all before the month is half.

If that is you, then, to pay yourself first is the answer. It is the best and easiest way to save more.

What Does it Mean to Pay Yourself First

It’s simple, when you get paid, you remove a certain percentage of that money into a savings account or an investment account or wherever you save your money, before you begin to pay your bills and spend on your needs.

You put that money away first, then you survive with the rest.

The reason why people don’t save more is that they do it the other way round. They pay their bills, try to clear their debts and spend on their needs before they decide if the remaining is enough to save.

The problem with this approach is this – there is no way you can satisfy all your needs. Even if you are given ten times your earnings a month, you will find needs to easily exhaust the money in no time.

You pay yourself first and worry about your needs later.

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